Deliver Phase 2019

Develop an automation roadmap for NT Government service delivery

Improving Government Services


Commence preparation of a roadmap for the automation of manual, labour intensive and repetitive administrative tasks using process automation technologies as recommended in 'A plan for budget repair – final report'.


A roadmap will be developed setting out the benefits, requirements and investment needed to automate manual, labour intensive and repetitive tasks using process automation technologies.

The initial focus of the automation roadmap will be on analysing back-office services that require high levels of administrative support and assessing the process automation technologies that could perform these functions more efficiently.

This analysis will be applied to develop a business case identifying the priorities for process automation and the estimated benefits and costs.


Process automation presents an opportunity to meet increased demands for services without increasing the workforce. It allows administrative staff to transition from lower value transaction processing and compliance roles to higher value customer services and strategic advice roles.

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