Achieved Phase 2018

Design a smart city platform for Darwin City

Enabling Smarter Communities


Designing a smart city platform for Darwin City.


The platform will provide the foundation for integration of the City of Darwin's digital program.

The City of Darwin is planning to create a smart city platform incorporating smart controllers, data analytics and sensors for video, sound, climate and environmental conditions.


This initiative will provide the foundation infrastructure to enable essential council services to be automated within a few years. The initiative links to a range of digital actions identified by the City of Darwin in the Switching on Darwin project and is jointly funded by the Federal and Territory governments and the City of Darwin.

Coordination and design work across the City of Darwin's digital initiatives is planned over 2018-19.

2019 progress update

A Smart City IT platform has been implemented to host and channel data from numerous rain, sound and environmental sensors into a single point for management and analysis. Testing and commissioning of data sources and integration into the smart city platform has commenced and is due for completion in December 2019.

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