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Investigate ways to deliver free and open access data

Growing Jobs and Business


Investigate ways to deliver free and open access data from the future City of Darwin smart city platform.


Once the City of Darwin's smart city platform is operational, the community and businesses will be able to use open data from the platform to create new digital apps.

The City of Darwin has multiple datasets, providing information across a range of activities that could be used creatively by digital innovators to develop new tools for Darwin residents and visitors.


New digital services can create a modern and dynamic experience for workers, residents and visitors in the CBD. This will help position Darwin as a contemporary and vibrant capital city.

Digital entrepreneurs will have opportunity to grow their businesses and start new ventures, creating innovative consumer apps and digital services.

2019 progress update

An Open Data platform has been implemented and the building and publishing of data sets is in progress. Publication of the first group of data sets is expected to be completed in August 2019.

Further data sets will be published as they become available.

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