Design Phase 2018

Define future workforce skills needed in the NT

Growing Jobs and Business


Define future workforce skills needed in the NT and update the NT Government's ICT Capability Framework so workers better understand and prepare for digital roles.


An ICT Capability Framework for the NT Government has identified the skills, knowledge and experience requirements for ICT roles across government as a guide for agencies and staff.

The framework will be examined and potentially refreshed in 2019 to make sure it continues to meet needs.

Stakeholders, including government agencies, unions and ICT professionals, will be engaged in this refresh process.


The framework helps government agencies address ICT skills gaps and build strategies to attract skilled workers and develop existing staff.

Requirements for ICT jobs are clearly identified, helping agencies and workers to understand and prepare for digital roles.

2019 progress update

The Industry Skills Advisory Council of the NT (ISACNT) is reviewing and rewriting IT qualifications from Certificate I to Advanced Diplomas in IT, ensuring learners are building industry relevant skills. As part of the process, ISACNT is consulting about emerging IT trends, employability, knowledge and skills needs of the ICT sector.

The NT Government is engaging with the local ICT Industry and ISACNT to refresh the NTG ICT Capability Framework.

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