Deliver Phase 2019

Data sharing legislative and policy framework

Enabling Smarter Communities


Work to improve the coordination of government services by enabling secure sharing of key digital data between NT Government agencies.


Data sharing describes a variety of ways of re-using data collected by government agencies in order to greatly increase its value and generate benefits to business and the community.

But for these benefits to be realised, Territorians must have confidence that their privacy and security remains paramount when public sector data is being accessed or shared.

The legislative and policy framework for sharing data between NT Government agencies is being developed to provide the structures to ensure the data is used appropriately, is stored in a secure environment and its access is restricted to authorised staff and no personal information is disclosed.

The NT data sharing framework will align with the Australian Data and Digital Council project to unify strategies across jurisdictions to build trust with the public when developing new data sharing projects.


Data sharing provides opportunities for improving government services through better coordination of services across agencies, providing the evidence for new policy and reducing the demand on citizens and businesses to provide the same information each time they interact with a different government agency.

For example, it would enable the development of service where an individual could change their address in a single transaction and have this communicated to all relevant government agencies.

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