Deliver Phase 2018

Build partnerships to grow STEM education and increase digital skills

Building Digital Skills


Build partnerships between the education sector, digital innovators and industry to grow STEM education and increase digital skills.


The Department of Education will coordinate and pursue partnerships between schools and innovation orientated organisations to strengthen the focus on STEM skills for Territory school students and highlight opportunities that are available through digital jobs.


This initiative is another measure to help bridge the jobs gap between demand for people with STEM skills and the number of students taking STEM subjects.

Partnering with digital innovators will inspire students and encourage a focus on digital creation to enhance perceptions of the industry.

2019 progress update

Schools across the Territory are reaching out to industry and higher education partners to provide real world learning opportunities for students. 12 schools have developed partnerships with industry and research professionals through the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program.

Taminmin College and Engineers Australia have worked together to develop the sySTEMic project. Through this, students visited industry partner sites to take part in problem solving of real community issues. Working closely with industry mentors, students presented their solutions to the school, their parents and the community.

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