Design Phase 2018

Develop national measures for safe testing and take up of autonomous vehicles

Enabling Smarter Communities


Respond to the Australian Government's requirements for developing nationally consistent regulatory measures that enable safe experimentation and take-up of autonomous vehicles.


The NT Government successfully trialled an autonomous vehicle in 2017 with a driverless bus taking passengers to and from the Darwin Waterfront. Information gathered from autonomous vehicle trials is being used to inform planning and regulation change.

Governments across Australia are working together to ensure safe and legal operation of autonomous vehicles can occur when the technology becomes more readily available


When autonomous vehicles move from trials to the streets, governments need to be assured that the vehicles are safe, that roads and regulations are ready, and that the vehicles will meet community needs.

The NT Government's work in this national program will help ensure automated vehicles can be legally and safely used when they are available for purchase in the Territory.

2019 progress update

The NT is continuing to contribute to the development of automated vehicle policy and regulatory reform via Austroads and the National Transport Commission, at the direction of the Transport and Infrastructure Council.

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