Design Phase 2018

Automate workflow to transfer data in real time between police, justice and corrections

Improving Government Services


Plan and scope an automated workflow that transfers non-restricted data in real time between police, justice and corrections.


The NT Government is working to establish an integrated justice continuum where essential non-restricted data is available to police, justice and corrections officers in real time and without needing data re-entry.


When operational, this digital continuum will improve productivity and assist police investigations, the conduct of criminal trials and prison management.

2019 progress update

The project teams for the Police SerPro system and the Justice Veritas project are identifying the information required for common business processes. For example criminal case initiation between Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and Courts.

This is includes analysis of data requirements for the interfaces between Police SerPro and DPP-Courts (Odyssey) systems and for the development of the justice information exchange (JIE).

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